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Back to the streets of Austin

God has blessed Shoulder the Cross so much in the past few months. We’ve added a full time volunteer, Leo Rios, to the team. Leo has been making the sandwiches every week and has gone on the distribution run while I was in China. Leo has been welcomed well and Else has already stated how much more he likes Leo. Gayle is also a new volunteer. Gayle has joined us on the weekly runs and has made coffee and sandwiches as well. Gayle has a goal of starting her own day soon. This would mean Shoulder the Cross would be expanding. Pray for us and our growth.

We had a short line of maybe 25 people this morning. Although the line was short, the needs were many. Almost all of our supply was passed out, which proves for a very successful morning. We ran out of deodorant and shampoo quickly this morning. Bryan showed up with his famous string cheese and Clementines. Our friends love these special treats when Bryan shows up. Bryan knows what it’s like to be homeless as he was a victim of the 2011 Bastrop fires that took his home and all this belongings. Helping Shoulder the Cross hits home for Bryan for sure.

Chen, one of Austin's homeless, showed up this morning. He was excited to hear about my trip to China. I told him about my fun times in Guangdong Province. I told him about my friends Hans, Faith and Lilly. He was proud of the Chinese I had learned. I told him “Jesu tiemi sin’li”. Chen smiled and said “He is” then he rattled off in Cantonese something I did not understand. Leo was excited to hear of the China trip as well. I told Leo how many times I felt the spirit while I was there. Leo hopes to join us next year in our trip to see our friends in China.  


Help for homeless